our menu features fresh indigenous
product from south louisiana where
progressive and classical merge
"everything put in its place"

from start to finish, detail to detail,
our team helps you create the
perfect event
"let the good times roll"

giving the gift of gourmet has
every recipient saying
- - - - - - - - - -

"thank you very much"

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Specials From Facebook

Posted: 07-04-2015
@gabesdowntown Ribeye #nofilter #comgetsum #fatequalsflavor OPEN TONIGHT!!

Posted: 07-04-2015
Soup: Brunswick Stew

Red Snapper Amondine:
Fresh Gulf Red Snapper Pan-Seared and set over Herb Roasted Potatoes and Baby Carrots. Finished with a Crabmeat Roasted Almond Buerre Noisette.

Blackened Cobia, set over Steamed Rice, and finished with a Spicy Crawfish Creole

Assorted Macaroons

Red Velvet Cheesecake with Swiss Buttercream

Posted: 07-04-2015
Come see us for lunch today at Gabe's Downtown Douglasville!!
Lunch Specials Today

Soup Du Jour...Brunswick Stew $4/7

Pizza...Grilled Chicken, marinara, jalapenos, bacon and goat cheese $10

Macaroons....Almond Joy, Maple Baon, Red Velvet, and Key Lime $7

Posted: 07-03-2015
Red Snapper Amondine @gabesdowntown #fatequalsflavor #comgetsum #Dville

Posted: 07-03-2015
Today's Dinner Specials in Douglasville

Soup Du Jour: Grilled Chicken & Spinach Velute....$4/ $7

Red Snapper and Louisana Crab Amondine....$28
Fresh Gulf Red Snapper pan-seared and served with herb roasted potatoes and sauteed baby carrots. Finished with a Louisana crab and roasted almond brown butter

Blackened Cobia....$28
Blackened Cobia set over rice and finished with crawfsih etouffee

Dessert: $7
Biscoff Cookie Caramel Butter Cheesecake, on top of a biscoff cookie crust with swiss cheese topped with whipped cream and a biscoff cookie.

Posted: 07-03-2015
Tonight's Specials Villa Rica

Soup Du Jour $5 & $9
Shrimp Gazpacho

Fish Du Jour $28
Grilled swordfish over roasted red bell pepper rice topped with a lemon beurre blanc and radicchio & radish salad tossed in an apple gastrique

Porkchop Special $30

Frenched pan-seared porkchop on top of a rosemary rice pilaf & Hoppin John topped with a smoked steak sauce compound butter

Dessert $8
Rootbeer float cheesecake topped with a cherry coke reduction and served with a side of vanilla bean icecream